Founded in December 2013, FinTrU is a multi-award winning RegTech company in the Financial Services sector that is committed to giving local talent the opportunity to work on the global stage with the largest International Investment Banks.

FinTrU works with clients to find solutions to help them meet with their regulations in areas such as; Legal, Risk, Compliance, KYC, Operations, Consultancy and Technology. FinTrU’s clients are all Tier 1 Investment Banks based in London, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Paris. FinTrU is a member of ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association).

FinTrU employs over 700 people across Belfast, Derry/Londonderry, London and New York.

Whilst managed as a profit-driven organisation, Darragh McCarthy, Founder & CEO also considers FinTrU as having a social purpose to create high-quality professional employment on the island of

FinTrU cares deeply about its culture and places great focus on its company values; Partnership, Passion, People and Professionalism.




  • North West Financial Services Academy V launched

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy XIV launched

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy XV launched

  • Belfast Legal Academy I launched

  • North West Financial Services Academy VI launched

  • Reached 600 employees

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy XVI launched

  • Opened New York Office

  • North West Financial Services VII launched

  • Reached 700 employees



  • North West Financial Services Academy II launched

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy XI launched

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy XII launched

  • North West Financial Services Academy III launched

  • MSAs in place with twelve Tier 1 Investment Banks

  • North West Financial Services Academy IV launched

  • Reached 400+ employees

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy XIII launched



  • 605 new jobs announced

  • Belfast Academy VIII launched

  • MSAs in place with six Tier 1 Investment Banks

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy IX launched

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy X launched

  • North West Office opened

  • North West Financial Services Academy I iaunched

  • New Product: Technology



  • Belfast Financial Services Academy V launched

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy VI​ launched

  • Reached 160+ employees ​

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy VII launched

  • By Y.E ’17 target growth of 200



  • Belfast Financial ServicesAcademy III launched

  • Reached 80+ employees 

  • Reached 100+ employees 

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy IV launched




  • Belfast Financial Services Academy II launched

  • FinTrU House Office opened

  • Reached 60 employees 

  • Accredited as meeting offsite delivery centre standards for Tier 1 Investment Bank




  • Government support for 80 jobs announced

  • Pakenham Street Office opened

  • Belfast Financial Services Academy I launched


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North West:

Belfast Headquarters: FinTrU House, 1 Cromac Avenue, Belfast, BT7 2JA

Belfast Office: FinTrU, 1A Pakenham Street, Belfast, BT7 1AB

North West Headquarters: FinTrU, Carlisle House, 3 Horace Street, Derry/Londonderry, BT48 6JS


North West Office: FinTrU, City Factory, 100 Patrick Street, Derry/Londonderry, BT48 7EL

London Office: FinTrU, Warnford Court, 29 Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AT


New York City Office:  FinTrU, 1185 Avenue of the Americas, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10036

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FinTrU operates in the UK as FinTrU Limited; Registered in England: no 08815659; registered office: Warnford Court, 29 Throgmorton Street, London EC2N 2AT

FinTrU has used ISO 26000 as a framework to implement social responsibility into its values and practices.

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