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FinTrU provides scale to Global Risk Management functions across Financial and Non-Financial Risk.

We support the 3 Lines of Defence by leveraging our in-depth insight of industry best practice. This enables us to improve the effectiveness of business as usual or focused remediation support.

  • Counterparty Credit Risk
    • Assessing Counterparties against Defined Credit Underwriting Scorecards
    • Analysis of Client Documentation including Financial Statements, Investor Newsletters and Fund Prospectus
    • End-to-End Management of the Counterparty Credit Lifecycle
    • Onboarding New Counterparties and Setting Credit Limits
    • Maintenance of Counterparty Credit Ratings; Annual reviews and Negative News Screening
    • Client Outreach for Missing Counterparty Information and Enhanced Due Diligence
    • Monitoring Daily Credit Limits
    • Excess Management and Daily Settlement


  • Counterparty Performance Monitoring
    • Counterparty Performance Data Monitoring and Tracking
    • Monitoring for Unusual Movements in Counterparty Performance
    • ISDA Terms Breach Monitoring
    • Early Warning Indicators Tracking
    • Additional Termination Events Monitoring
  • Operational Risk
    • Advising on Risk Processes and Technology Enhancements
    • Front Line Risk and Control Functions Support
    • Risk & Control Self Assessments
    • Control Design and Rationalisation
    • Risk Event and Issue Management
  • Risk Transformation Data & Governance
    • Project Management Office Support to Global Risk Transformation
    • Wholesale Review of Artefacts and Design of Refreshed Control Documentation
    • User Acceptance Testing Support and Risk Exposure Analysis
    • Management of Project Lifecycle including Governance and Milestone Benefits
    • Dashboarding Key Metrics
    • Kanban Boards for Issue Tracking and Prioritisation

Kevin McElroy

Kevin McElroy

Head of Risk

Kevin oversees our Risk team working in partnership with clients to identify, assess and mitigate risks to their business.

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