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FinTrU is proud to work with three charity partners. Each one has been chosen by locally-based employees: AWARE NI for Northern Ireland; Donegal Hospice for Letterkenny, and Acreditar for Porto


A Derry/Londonderry-born charity, AWARE NI has two offices; one in Derry/Londonderry and a second office in Belfast. The charity has an established network of support groups across the country, which are run by their trained volunteers.

Support groups welcome people with depression and bipolar disorder as well as carers for people with the illness. AWARE NI is the depression charity for Northern Ireland and the only charity working exclusively for people with depression and bipolar disorder.

AWARE NI also delivers Information Outreach sessions and attend community events to give more information about their services. They deliver mental health and well-being programmes into communities, schools, colleges, universities and workplaces.

These programmes include their suite of Mood Matters programmes, Living Life to the Full, Mental Health First Aid and Mindfulness.Their programmes take a preventative approach to mental ill-health and teach attendees techniques to look after their own mental health and well-being.

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About Donegal Hospice

Based in Letterkenny, Donegal Hospice is a palliative care home run by a dedicated team of professionals covering the county of Donegal.

The mission statement of the Donegal Hospice is: to provide comprehensive physical, emotional and spiritual care for individuals and families promoting the highest quality of living during life-limiting illness and bereavement.

At Donegal Hospice, it is not just about the individual, nor is it just about medical intervention, but is about identifying what is appropriate in each individual case and providing a range of support services that are appropriate to that person and their individual circumstances.

This includes: Home Care team providing support at home; a short period in the Hospice to provide symptom control; Day Care Unit providing opportunities for social contact with other people in similar circumstances who understand and are willing to share.

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About Acreditar

Acreditar – Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer, was established in 1994 to help face the challenges of paediatric cancer, accompanying families from diagnosis and throughout the different stages of the disease.

Acreditar support works on the following levels: emotional – in addition to psychology consultations, Acreditar provides families with contact with young people and parents who have already gone through the same; logistical – free stay in the three Acreditar houses located next to the country's reference hospitals; financial – to cover expenses ranging from food to the purchase of medication; school – from the attribution of scholarships to school support by volunteer teachers; material – the delivery, for example, of prostheses and wheelchairs, without ever forgetting the importance of leisure time.

Acreditar develops the important work of defending and promoting the rights of sick children and young people and their caregivers, always involving them in each action.

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