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Celebrating diversity in all its forms and creating equality, our committees are run by FinTrU employees and encourage everyone to get involved. 

Disability Network

Our Disability Network works to represent, advocate, educate and promote disability awareness within FinTrU. A key aim of the network is to drive the education of our employees and the critical evaluation of our practices from recruitment to onboarding to general work practices and beyond. Disability comes in many forms and, as such, the FinTrU Disability Network is divided into three main streams:

Raise awareness of physical disabilities and how they can affect the lives of those impacted by them and their carers. Not all physical disabilities will be visible to others, but they have a severe impact on those suffering from various conditions.

Builds upon FinTrU's already inclusive culture through increasing awareness of the different mental health disabilities that might affect us, our colleagues or carers of individuals with mental health conditions. We hope to further remove the stigmas surrounding mental health and encourage understanding. 

To create a working environment where Neurodiversity is understood and embraced through education, awareness, and empowerment. We want to empower our Neurodiverse colleagues to "just be you" and provide support a support network of advocates and Neurodiverse champions.

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TrU Colours

FinTrU's LGBTQ+ 'TrU Colours' is active across all FinTrU offices. The committee hosts and organises LGBTQ+ events and initiatives throughout the year including FinTrU’s participation in Pride, Lunch & Learn sessions, information evenings and Pride Breakfasts to name a few. FinTrU has marched in Belfast Pride since 2017, with record numbers attending each year. 

FinTrU is also part of the Stonewall Diversity Champions network, which helps ensure businesses are equality focused. The network’s goal is to ensure that all LGBTQ+ staff feel valued and to promote acceptance without exception.

TrUly Diverse

The TrUly Diverse committee aims to give employees who make up the many different cultures at FinTrU a voice within the company. The Committee focuses on both celebrating these cultures and educating others about them.

We want to ensure that individuals from all communities feel welcome and empowered within FinTrU. The committee will also provide an open forum for employees to engage in discussions on race and the prejudices that many face on a daily basis. The committee will Educate, Address and Act.


Women in Finance

As a committee, Women In Finance values diversity across all levels within the firm and pledge to achieve greater gender balance in the workplace.

Internally our purpose is to raise awareness of the benefits of gender diversity across FinTrU. Our wider objective is to help strengthen the Financial Services industry by empowering women to achieve their potential at each career stage.

FinTrU is committed to gender balance at all levels of the organisation, with particular emphasis on developing Female Leaders for the Future. We have adopted a dual strategy to make FinTrU both a more attractive employer to female graduates at the start of their careers and to provide the best development opportunities for women at more senior levels.

FinTrU and Women in Business Announce 3-Year Partnership to Empower NI’s Women in Tech