FinTrU's LGBTQ+ 'TrU Colours' is active across all FinTrU offices. The committee hosts and organises LGBTQ+ events and initiatives throughout the year including FinTrU’s participation in Pride, Lunch & Learn sessions, information evenings and Pride Breakfasts to name a few. FinTrU has marched in Belfast Pride since 2017, with record numbers attending each year.


FinTrU is also part of the Stonewall Diversity Champions network, which helps ensure businesses are equality focused. The network’s goal is to ensure that all LGBTQ+ staff feel valued and to promote acceptance without exception.

PRIDE 2020



FinTrU's TrU Colours Committee hosted a Lunch & Learn with special guests, Dr Richard O'Leary and friends from the LGBTQ+ Heritage Project.


They shared their memories on the evolution of Pride in Northern Ireland. Though we may not be able to celebrate Pride in person this year, we wish everyone a happy and safe Pride throughout all of the virtual celebrations!

PRIDE 2020


PRIDE 2019




On Friday 2 August 2019 FinTrU’s LGBTQ+ committee, TrU Colours, held a Lunch & Learn on 'The Origins of Pride' with special guest local drag performer,

Gemini Golita.


​The Lunch & Learn focused on the origins of Pride highlighting LGBTQ+ history, where Pride came from, the impact of the Stonewall Riots as well as local LGBTQ+ history and statistics such as: 

  • In Northern Ireland 1 out of every 4 LGBTQ+ people have attempted to commit suicide.

  • Same Sex Marriage is still illegal in Northern Ireland.

  • Transgender people in Northern Ireland have a substantially higher waiting time and process to endure than those on mainland UK.

PRIDE – Simply part of CSR or something bigger?  


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