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Committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce

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Darragh McCarthy

Founder & CEO, FinTrU


"We have a very strong social culture at FinTrU which includes employee-led committees focused on LGBTQ+ and Women in Finance. In June 2020, we established the FinTrU TrUly Diverse Committee, which is sponsored by our Chief Human Resources Officer. We also set up training sessions for our employees, which played a role in informing them of the motivations behind the protests, why they are important and the role we can play in showing our support.


  'People' is one of our four core company values here at FinTrU and it is our social purpose to ensure that we do all we can to make this world a better place."

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Katrien Roppe

Chief of Staff, FinTrU

"At FinTrU, we recognise that a diverse workforce is key to a successful company. Not only does it allow anyone from any background to have the opportunity to work at FinTrU, it also helps bring new ideas and different perspectives on the many projects that take place at our company.


We have a very transparent corporate structure which informs our employees of the expectations required at each level. Our people are in the position to take ownership of their professional journey to progress to the next level regardless of their background, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, job role, department or office location."

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Greg McCann

Executive Director & Head of FinTrU North West


"As Senior Sponsor of our LGBTQ+ Committee, TrU Colours, I help align the company's leadership commitment to diversity with those additional employee-led initiatives to give the LGBTQ+ community a clear voice within FinTrU. This gives us the platform to educate and raise awareness of issues faced by the community, and to celebrate the progress made in recent years.


We are particularly proud to have been one of the first signatories on the 'Businesses for Love Equality' campaign to support equal marriage in Northern Ireland. We will always support all our employees to ensure that no one ever feels the need to hide who they are."

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