FinTrU is very committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our people play an imperative role in the company's success and it is important that we continue to invest in opportunities for all.


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What measures are FinTrU taking in order to educate the employees on the Black Lives Matter movement?

As a company based in Northern Ireland with global reach, we recognise the importance of ensuring that our employees have a well-rounded view of the world and the implications which can affect the lives of others.


We have a very strong social culture at FinTrU which includes employee-led committees focused on LGBTQ+ and Women in Finance. In June 2020 the decision was made to establish the FinTrU BAME Committee, which is sponsored by our Chief Human Resources Officer. We have also set up training sessions for our employees, which will play a role in informing them of the motivations behind the protests, why they are important and the role we can play in showing our support.


As CEO of FinTrU, how much of a responsibility do you feel that the company has in educating its people on the injustices that take place on a global scale?

At FinTrU we recognise that our company is much more than a place of work. People want to work for a company that has similar values to their own and is focused on not just being successful as a business but a force for good. FinTrU is committed to being a company that is a reflection of our greatest asset - our people. 


Educating our employees on how we can be better people is something that is important across all levels of the organisation regardless of our race. 'People' is one of our four core company values here at FinTrU and it is our social purpose to ensure that we do all we can to make this world a better place.

Darragh McCarthy – Founder & CEO, FinTrU

As Chief of Staff at FinTrU, how important are the diversity and inclusion commitments put in place at the top of the organisation to ensure that FinTrU embraces everyone in a diverse and inclusive manner?

FinTrU is extremely committed to diversity and inclusion as a means to support our employees. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also plays an imperative role in the company's success as employees are welcomed to the organisation based on their attitude and aptitude. For our Financial Services Academy we are degree agnostic and welcome applications from all backgrounds. 


The leadership at FinTrU plays an active role in supporting the employee-led cultural aspects of the company with our committees all having a senior sponsor to ensure that there is an open dialogue through all levels of the organisation. The FinTrU Culture Committees include; Women in Finance, BAME, TrU Colours (LGBTQ), Social, ECO, TrU Wellness and Charity.


What role does diversity and inclusion play in the decision making at FinTrU in terms of company's business strategy, recruitment and career progression opportunities?

At FinTrU, we recognise that a diverse workforce is key to a successful company. Not only does it allow anyone from any background to have the opportunity to work at FinTrU, it also helps bring new ideas and different perspectives on the many projects that take place at our company.


In terms of career progression, FinTrU deliberately has a very transparent corporate structure which informs our employees of the expectations required at each level. Our people are in the position to take ownership of their professional journey to progress to the next level regardless of their background, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, job role, department or office location.

Katrien Roppe – Chief of Staff, FinTrU

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Emma Pollock, chief of technology at FinTrU, talks to Emma Deighan about digital finance and women in tech.

As the Senior Sponsor of FinTrU's LGBTQ+ Committee, TrU Colours, how vital of a role does FinTrU's commitment to the community play in ensuring that the company is an open place to work?

FinTrU has always placed a great emphasis on supporting all of our people to ensure that they feel comfortable in their workplace. 


As Senior Sponsor of our LGBTQ+ Committee, TrU Colours, my role is to help align the company's leadership commitment to diversity with those additional employee-led initiatives to give the LGBTQ+ community a clear voice within FinTrU. This gives us the platform to educate our employees and raise awareness of issues faced by the community, and to celebrate the progress made in recent years. FinTrU is committed to ensuring that our company is a workplace that is more diverse, inclusive and well-informed for all our employees on a daily basis.


What initiatives has FinTrU delivered to help ensure that its employees feel comfortable with sharing all aspects of who they are at work should they wish to?

FinTrU holds many internal LGBTQ+ initiatives for its employees such as educational Lunch & Learn sessions, social events, video awareness campaigns and fundraising occasions for our company charities including the mental health awareness charity - PIPS. FinTrU is also part of the Stonewall Diversity Champions network to further support LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion within the company.


FinTrU also supports participation in external events such as Pride and training sessions on gender identity awareness. FinTrU is proud to have been one of the first signatories on the 'Businesses for Love Equality' campaign to support equal marriage in Northern Ireland. We will continue to support all our employees to ensure that no one ever feels the need to hide who they are and can be true to themselves at all times.

Greg McCann – Executive Director & Head of FinTrU North West

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