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FinTrU announces innovative sabbatical benefit for employees

Thursday 07 October 2021

GLOBAL: FinTrU has today announced a brand-new, market-leading benefit scheme. FinTrU Unplugged offers any employee of Associate level and above, who has served a minimum of five years with the company, to a four-week paid sabbatical

In UK businesses, the period of five years is a relatively short requirement of service to afford the opportunity of a sabbatical, similarly, such a benefit is more commonly associated with those in more senior positions. 

That FinTrU Unplugged has been launched now with many employees already fitting the criteria is no coincidence. 

Chief Human Resources Officer Sinead Carville said: “We are extremely conscious of work-life balance at FinTrU and how it feeds into positive mental wellbeing. Five years working for a company shows a loyalty and solid commitment that shouldn’t go unrewarded.”  

Unplugged is the chance for employees to refresh, rejuvenate and, for a four-week period, literally unplug from work. It’s a great chance for people to take that trip they always wanted to, work on a hobby they enjoy or simply spend more time with their family.”  

Those who have not yet built up the required service with FinTrU have the opportunity to plan ahead by booking their four-week sabbatical period in advance of their required five years. 

Details about a career at FinTrU can be found on the FinTrU careers portal

For media enquiries and interview requests, please contact Conor Donnelly, Vice President – Marketing, on: +44 (0) 28 9076 7798 or

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