TrU Wellness is an employee lead initiative with a focus to educate employees and put positive initiatives into action. The goal is to raise awareness about how to maintain good mental and physical health and how to ensure a great work/life balance. This is achieved through workshops, information sharing and business-wide initiatives.

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Within FinTrU, we actively encourage our staff to get involved with our various sports and social clubs and events.  All clubs and societies within FinTrU are set up and managed by the employees.  



Our charity partner, PIPS, was selected by a company wide vote across all FinTrU offices. This demonstrates the importance that our staff place on mental health and maintaining a healthy balance. This partnership also enables our employees to openly talk about mental health through internally delivered events. The open culture that we have at FinTrU portrays the nature of care and importance we have tried to embed at the company.




Employees have 24/7 access to a Health Cash Plan which eases the financial burden by subsidising health care, including medical, dental and holistic wellness.



Employee Wellbeing:

Let’s Get Physical  


Lisa Downey

Office Manager

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