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Tracey Gillen


Tracey discusses her Financial Services Academy experience and why she would recommend it

How was the learning experience at the Academy?


As it was delivered with NWRC & Ulster University I got to meet up with previous tutors. The structure and content were broad and laid good foundations to the background of financial services and what a job in the industry might look like. 

What else did you TAKE from your academy experience?

The friends I made. Joining a new industry with a group of other people and learning together made the experience a lot less daunting.

Why would you recommend The Academy?

The opportunities in the industry are broad due to the wide range of products, projects and clients. This route offers an introduction into the financial services industry to anyone with a degree in any discipline, with any background.

FinTrU is a great company to work and is at an exciting stage of growth. Also, there are opportunities to travel via secondments.

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As someone who has Changed career Paths, How Did You find the change?


It has been a huge change after 17 years in community pharmacy. 

However, I got my degree when I was older and I used it as an opportunity to take a new path with a career change into a new industry.











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