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Sean O'Neill

Vice president


Sean joined FinTrU as an analyst 1 after completing the inaugural Financial Services Academy, seven years ago


What is your current role at FinTrU?

Since joining FinTrU, I have progressed through the company and was promoted to vice president in January 2021. In my current role, I manage the non-market risk engagement for a tier 1 investment bank.  

how has fintru supported you during your career development? 

From day one, FinTrU provided me with all the support and guidance I needed to work in the financial services industry.  

FinTrU funded my Investment Operational Certificate (IOC) exams to give me the technical knowledge to work for a tier 1 investment bank. Additionally, FinTrU allowed me to develop my managerial skills through their internally delivered Managing at FinTrU course.  

Whether it is personal or professional development, FinTrU senior management has always been approachable and provided me with a platform to grow throughout my career.  

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Why would you recommend a career at FinTrU?  

FinTrU has brought some of the largest investment banks in the world right here to Northern Ireland. The client exposure I have received over the last six years at FinTrU is second-to-none and, given the record growth rate, similar opportunities are available for everyone at FinTrU.  


Not only will you develop your subject matter expertise, but you can learn valuable skills such as business development, team financials and strategic goals to meet targets.  

What advice would you give to someone who is planning on a career with FinTrU?

Just do it! If you are ambitious and want to be challenged every single day, FinTrU is the place for you. 

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