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Kayla Nation

Talent acquisition manager

New York Office

Introducing FinTrU's first US recruit in North America


How does it feel to be the first US hire for FinTrU? 

I feel honoured and ecstatic to be the first US-based hire for FinTrU. I knew in early conversations with the company that I had found something special.   

I cannot wait to look back on our growth in the United States and know that I was involved in building this chapter of our FinTrU story. 

Tell us a little bit about your career before joining 

I spent the early years of my career in Investment Banking firms such as Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital focusing on various areas of HR and talent acquisition. 


Most recently I led recruitment for executive-level professionals in finance and legal.  A large part of my focus was on strategy, implementation, and process improvement of the talent acquisition function.


My goal as an HR and talent acquisition professional is to help my organization become an Employer of Choice in the marketplace. I also get heavily involved in training, development, career coaching and Diversity-focused initiatives. 

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"I cannot wait to look back on our growth in the United States and know that I was involved in building this chapter of our FinTrU story." 

What attracted you to FinTrU?   


What attracted me to FinTrU initially was the idea of helping to set the foundations and build the future of an already successful company. Following my initial conversations, I was further intrigued by the people I interacted with. Their excitement about the future of FinTrU was infectious. 


The passion that everyone has for its mission was evident and something I wanted to be a part of. I am now as excited as everyone I met about the continued growth of the company and am honoured to be chosen to help lead the charge. 


What’s it like to work with people across the Atlantic? 

It’s amazing. I feel like I have set out on a trip across the world every morning when I begin working.  I love that I have an opportunity to escape my surroundings for a few hours a day to visit another.  And most of all, I really look forward to hearing the stories about cows and sheep in the yard; those are the best!


I did not know what to expect from joining a completely UK-based company and team. I did think about possibly feeling like I was on an island without the local presence. However, the current environment has made us all pretty used to working alone without many colleagues by our side, so it is not a huge change.    

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Does anything stand out about the company?


The one thing that stands out to me about FinTrU is how nice, pleasant, and friendly everyone is.

 You always meet nice people when you start a new job, but I find the FinTrU team to be nice in a way I’ve never experienced. It has really made me feel welcomed and truly part of a close-knit team, regardless of my location.  


What do you like most about living in New York?  

I love the different seasons. Fall is my favourite. The temperature is comfortable and cool, I get to enjoy a refreshing breeze while looking at the trees’ foliage change colours right before my eyes. 

I also love that NY is a melting pot - you can meet people from a different part of the world and learn something new every single day without leaving the city.


What do you do to relax? 

I love design and fashion. One of my guilty pleasures is binge watching home remodelling shows on the weekend. I can watch Chip and Joanne Gains and the Property Brothers all day.  When I’m done watching TV, I take time to care for my 25-30 houseplants and two rambunctious dogs.




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