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Charlotte Neill 

My name is Charlotte Neill and I am an IT Apprentice at FinTrU. I joined FinTrU in July 2020 and I am completing a Higher Level Apprenticeship in Computing at SERC.

Stuart McMillan 

My name is Stuart McMillan and I am a FinTech Apprentice at FinTrU. I joined FinTrU in September 2020 and I am completing a Higher Level Apprenticeship in FinTech (Financial Technology) at Ulster University. Currently I am a part of the technology team and finishing my first in-depth rotation into Software Development. This involved picking up and working on tickets that contributed to the development of the current project, alongside working on a structured apprenticeship plan.

Why would you recommend an Apprenticeship at FinTrU?

Charlotte: I have worked alongside amazing people who have supported me through my apprenticeship so far and would recommend it to anyone looking for a career in IT. The additional training and introductions to the project have taught me a great deal and I have developed many skills in my apprenticeship so far.


Stuart: In the short time that I have been with FinTrU, I have had nothing but positive experiences. Everyone has been extremely supportive and happy to help however they can. I have gained experience in multiple areas of the technology team and the culture and values of FinTrU is unlike anywhere that I have worked previously - an excellent company to work for.

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How have you been supported during your Apprenticeship?

Charlotte: Everyone has been incredibly helpful, answering any questions I have and guiding me in the right direction. My colleagues have been able to help me with any projects that I am working on at FinTrU as well as advice on college assignments. Monthly "one-to-one" meetings with my manager have also been useful when tracking goals and checking in on my progress.


Stuart: Since joining FinTrU, I have completed short rotations in the different areas of the technology team (Software Development, Data, QA and UX) gaining invaluable experience into each of these roles. From this, I have developed key technical skills that have been extremely beneficial and applicable to the modules and assignments I am doing at Ulster University.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering an Apprenticeship?

Charlotte: I would say that as long as they are excited to learn and get involved, they will have a great time doing an apprenticeship. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask questions as everyone is willing to listen and wants to hear your feedback.


Stuart: If you are currently considering an apprenticeship at FinTrU, my advice would be to submit your application as soon as possible! It's an exciting time to join the company and the advantages/benefits to you in terms of personal and technical development are massive.

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