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Erin Connolly 

My name is Erin Connolly and I joined FinTrU as a Junior Accounts Administrator in February 2021. I am currently completing a Higher Level Apprenticeship in Accountancy at North West Regional College

Tomas Young 

My name is Tomas Young and I joined FinTrU as a Junior Accounts Administrator in September 2020. Like Erin, I am completing a Higher Level Apprenticeship in Accountancy at North West Regional College.

How has FinTrU supported you during your Apprenticeship?

Erin: Having joined later in the academic year, I was initially unsure of what to expect regarding catching up. Within my first week, the feelings of uncertainty were completely gone. Everyone in my team was so supportive, not only in work tasks but also making sure I felt comfortable enough to ask them any questions I had regarding my studies. I instantly felt part of the team from my first day being included in tasks and meetings to now having more responsibility. No matter how busy my colleagues are they will always take time to help me establish the link between the task I am working on with what I am learning at college which has in turn benefited me greatly with my studies.


Tomas: FinTrU has been extremely supportive throughout my apprenticeship, making me feel so welcome from the beginning, aided greatly by my week-long induction programme and in-depth ongoing training. My manager works with me to ensure I get hands on experience in the areas that closely align to my ATI training and is accommodating in ensuring I can avail of sufficient study leave to prepare for exams. With a combination of weekly check ins & training, and working with other team members who have also been through the apprenticeship programme, any nerves I initially had from beginning the apprenticeship with little previous financial experience were soon settled.

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Why would you recommend an Apprenticeship with FinTrU?

Erin: I would recommend an apprenticeship at FinTrU as they provide you with so much support along the way. I have felt so included in my role by team members and managers, anything I am keen to learn or show interest in I will be provided with the adequate training. Also having regular reviews with my manager to discuss my work and studies which is a great reassurance.


Tomas: I would strongly recommend FinTrU as the ideal work environment for an apprentice about to embark on a new career path. FinTrU’s structure is one that encourages career growth and offers continuous opportunities to grow and develop for those hardworking & driven employees who want to reach their goals. I look forward to completing my apprenticeship and hope to continue to grow & develop in my career with FinTrU.


What advice would you give to someone who is considering an Apprenticeship?


Erin: Go for it, I wish it were something I had done a lot sooner! Not only will you gain industry experience, but you will also have the chance to become part of a company who will provide you with hands on training so when you are qualified, you can hit the ground running in your career.


Tomas: Do it – get involved and make it happen. No matter what your career aspirations look like, as long you are willing to put in the work, FinTrU will work with you to help you meet those goals. My advice is don’t hesitate and apply when you can.

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