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when did you join FinTrU?

I joined FinTrU via the Belfast Financial Services Academy in June 2017. I am an Associate and currently work on an Outreach project with a Tier 1 Investment Bank client. I was a History and Politics graduate with no previous full-time work experience or Financial Services experience. FinTrU was my first graduate job coming out of university. 

how has fintru supported you during your career development? 

Coming from a non-financial services background, the training provided during the Financial Services Academy before starting the role was a great help. It provided a grounding in financial services as well as providing me with the confidence to enter full-time graduate work. The opportunity to study and complete Investment Operations Certificate (IOC) examinations was also particularly welcome, this further added to my knowledge of financial services and therefore made me more of an asset within the industry.


The working culture of FinTrU has been very supportive and therefore helped my career development. Employees throughout all levels of the company have always been welcoming and went above and beyond to assist me when required. This culture of teamwork is particularly useful in the early stages of one's professional career. FinTrU also has a number of internal development opportunities that have been of value to me, in particularly the RiseTrU initiative. It enabled me to develop and acquire new management skills, knowledge and experience through scenario-based learning as well as participating in classroom workshops and developing expertise with optional online learning.  


Why would you recommend a career at FinTrU?  

FinTrU has a vibrant and dynamic nature. There is a multitude of social opportunities and causes to get involved with and the opportunity to contribute to charity initiatives is very welcome. At FinTrU you feel valued as an employee and feel you can help shape a growing company. Working at FinTrU is also fantastic for professional development due to the exposure and opportunity to work so closely with tier 1 investment banks. The support and development provided by FinTrU is second to none, providing a seamless transition from university graduate to working professional.  

What advice would you give to someone who is planning on a career with FinTrU?

There are so many possibilities open to anyone who wants to progress within their career or is taking their first step into the financial industry, but, if you are hardworking and enjoy learning, then FinTrU is the right place for you.  


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