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Collette joined FinTrU as an Analyst 1 in January 2020 via the North West Financial Services Academy


what was your background prior to joining fintru? 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in July 2019. Following that I had a temporary position in a legal practice. Before applying to FinTrU, I had no prior experience in financial services. However, I feel that I have transitioned well within this field and I am now an integral part of the Legal Team at FinTrU.  

how has fintru supported you during your career development? 

FinTrU heavily supported my move from a KYC project to a Legal project. They have always encouraged me to take the next step, such as applying for my IOC 2 exam and taking on more responsibility in the projects I’m working on.  



Why would you recommend a career at FinTrU?  

I would recommend FinTrU because they enable staff to take the next career step. The culture at FinTrU is welcoming and have like-minded people working towards the same goal.  

What advice would you give to someone who is planning on a career with FinTrU?

Don’t worry about what experience you have, be open-minded about possible projects and take any opportunity that comes your way.   

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