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anthony brady

When did you join FinTrU?

I joined FinTrU in July 2017 as an Associate. FinTrU has helped me develop in my career and I have subsequently been promoted to Senior Associate and now Vice President in January 2021.


What is your current role at FinTrU?

I currently help manage a Brexit KYC project for a Tier 1 Investment Bank along with another Vice President on the programme.

How has FinTrU supported you during your career development?

FinTrU allowed me to make the jump from KYC Analyst/SME to a more people management focused role in a relatively short period of time. FinTrU facilitated this by giving me the opportunity to do so on three different projects during my time here. FinTrU also generously funded for me to attend the SERC Entry to Management course which has helped develop me in terms of my management skills.

What opportunities are there within a career in KYC at FinTrU?

I believe that if an individual has the correct attitude and work ethic, then there is a great deal that can be achieved with a KYC career in FinTrU. With us having numerous different clients and projects there is a wide variety of professional opportunities in the company.

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Why would you recommend a career at FinTrU?

For this question I can only reflect on my own personal experiences. I had initially hit a point in my career with my previous employer where I believe I had started to stagnate. I moved to FinTrU in July 2017 with the ambition of progressing my career. Three years later and I have been promoted to Vice President. I am delighted with the support and opportunities that FinTrU has provided me with to get to this stage in my career.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering a move to FinTrU?

If you are a hardworking individual with the right attitude then the possibilities in terms of career progression and personal development are endless  at FinTrU. Make the move before someone else does!


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