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#MeetFinTrU: Paul Rainey talks about his career move from Belfast to the North West with FinTrU


As part of our #MeetFinTrU feature, we are sharing the stories of our employees who have made the move from Belfast to the North West with FinTrU.


Meet Paul Rainey, Senior Associate within Legal at FinTrU.

I work as a Senior Associate at FinTrU within the Legal department. My day to day role involves liaising with a Tier 1 Investment Bank to ensure that appropriate trading documentation is in place. I manage a team engaged in a Brexit remediation project helping to negotiate and draft the relevant documentation so that the Bank can continue to trade with its counterparties post Brexit transition period.


Why did you decide to make the move to FinTrU North West?

I had been working in Belfast since graduating in Law with French from Queen’s University Belfast and was always on the lookout for suitable jobs closer to home. I moved back to the North West several years ago but continued to do the daily commute to Belfast for work.

When I heard the news about FinTrU opening an office in the North West I was very keen to find out more and quickly realised how ambitious the company was. I was impressed with how the company had committed to bringing highly skilled jobs to an area that has been historically overlooked and I wanted to be a part of the changing landscape within the North West.

What do you enjoy most about working for FinTrU in the North West?


I like the fact that I have a direct input in establishing and developing our legal offering within the North West. It is exciting to see the team grow and build a stronger presence in the region.

I really enjoy helping with the Academy recruitment process, seeing so many people being given the opportunity to work in skilled jobs in the Financial Services sector, and helping them develop when they take up their roles.


What advice would you give to someone considering making the move to the North West?

I would encourage anyone to make the move to the North West. The place is full of ambitious people with entrepreneurial spirit, but it also retains the feel of a small town where people are keen to help each other out.

There’s also the added benefit, from an economic point of view, that it is a relatively cheaper area, in terms of living costs and house prices, when compared to the rest of the UK and Ireland.

How do you see the next 12 months for FinTrU?

2019 saw exponential growth of FinTrU in the North West. The company has opened new premises in the region and the workforce continues to increase in size hiring both graduates and experienced professionals. I have no doubt that the next 12 months will see this trend continue and by 2021 the company will have established an even stronger foothold in the region.


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