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#MeetFinTrU: Maggie Ho shares her story of joining FinTrU's Technology team while working from home

As part of our #MeetFinTrU feature, we are sharing stories of our employees who have joined FinTrU during this unprecedented time. Maggie outlines the experience of being welcomed to a new company and the initiatives put in place to make her feel connected with her colleagues.

What is your role at FinTrU?

I am a BI Developer/Analyst within the Technology team.  My role is to help design and build reports using business intelligence tools to drive insight

Why did you decide to join FinTrU?

Diversity in the workplace is very important to me and the range of initiatives in FinTrU including Women in Finance and TrU Colours shows I will feel at home within this culture. 

What was your background before joining FinTrU?

Whilst I am in the Technology team, I studied Psychology at University. 


I got into Technology from joining the Data Analytics Academy at PwC after which I spent 4+ years in Technology Consulting in the DA Team. 


There I had worked with clients in Defence, Local Government and the Private Sector in BI and reporting and digital assessment projects.

How was the process of joining FinTrU during the current working from home situation?

My start date was around the time when Covid-19 was emerging as a Pandemic issue. The HR team kept me updated regularly and I appreciated that my experience to joining the firm was always regarded as priority.

My induction was conducted virtually which was still an enjoyable experience.  The same goes for meeting my team for the first time online. 


We have great technology at our disposal and whilst this situation of working from home will not last forever, it is excellent the firm has embraced the digital culture of communicating and sharing via these means.


What have you enjoyed about joining FinTrU’s Technology Department?

The Technology Department is growing, and it is very exciting to be part of this journey to establish what this will look like for the company. 

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining FinTrU?

Coming from a larger company where the culture is very different to FinTrU, it may seem like a dramatic change, but everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. 

"Do not be afraid to take the leap."

Find out more about a career at FinTrU below. 

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