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#MeetFinTrU: Jillian Allen talks about her career and professional journey back to Northern Ireland from London


As part of our #MeetFinTrU feature, we are sharing the stories of our employees who have made the move from London back to Northern Ireland to pursue a career at FinTrU.


Meet Jillian Allen, Vice President within the Technology Change function at FinTrU.

I am responsible for the Project Management of our internal technology projects, aiming to streamline processes and deliver more effective solutions to facilitate our day-to-day operations as we continue to grow. 

What was your background before joining FinTrU?

Prior to joining FinTrU, I worked for nine years at Nomura in London within Operations, primarily in Operations and Change Management roles.


Why did you decide to join FinTrU?


I wanted to continue along my chosen career path and was seeking roles within that area. FinTrU stood out from the crowd to be honest – it offered so much more than I expected.  It had a great ethos and strong culture – plus it allowed me to continue with my career path and supported my progression.  FinTrU was relatively small when I joined, but the proposition remained as exciting as it does now.


What do you enjoy most about working at FinTrU?


There are a number of things I enjoy about working here.  FinTrU has allowed input into strategic decisions, offering the ability to influence and drive change within the firm.  Beyond that, I have to say the people and the culture.  FinTrU has a great working environment with a fantastic sense of community.  Plus, there is plenty going on at lunchtime and after work to keep you occupied, no matter what your hobbies or interests.


What advice would you give to someone considering making the move back to Northern Ireland from London?


Don’t be afraid to make the leap.  There really are some excellent opportunities here in Northern Ireland, and that continues to grow all the time.  Plus we all know Northern Ireland is a great place to live! 


How do you see the next 12 months for FinTrU?


FinTrU moves at a rate of knots - I expect our rapid expansion to continue and for FinTrU to continue to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with!


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