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#MeetFinTrU: Edward Ridgwell shares his story of joining FinTrU while working from home

As part of our #MeetFinTrU feature, we are sharing stories of our employees who have joined FinTrU during this unprecedented time. Edward shares his experience of being welcomed to a new company and the initiatives put in place to make him feel connected with his colleagues.

What is your role at FinTrU?

I am a Senior Associate working with a Tier 1 Investment Bank on a KYC project.

Why did you decide to join FinTrU?

When I was interviewed for FinTrU, the meeting highlighted the desire for specific skills that I felt I could bring to the company. The business functions of FinTrU were aligned to my career path and Belfast is a wonderful city. The people were friendly and the whole business came across as forward thinking and professional. I had to say yes.

What was your background before joining FinTrU? 

Prior to moving to the UK, I lived and worked for one of the premier banks in Cape Town, South Africa. My role was a Senior Financial Crime Intelligence Analyst for a niche Compliance Department. After joining the bank as a graduate, I was trained and developed into an experienced Compliance Analyst with nearly five years of high pressure team-work. I had the pleasure of working with intelligent people who achieved fantastic results.


How was the process of joining FinTrU during the current working from home situation?

Starting a new company in the current situation could be very tough, however, the team of Charmain Filmer, Sam McCormick, Rosalynd Smyth, Richard McGuinness and the whole HR department have been amazing. I'm used to working remotely as per my role in South Africa so it all comes down to communication and asking the correct questions. I have been made to feel very welcome by everyone since starting the role.


Find out more about a career at FinTrU below. 

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