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David Scullion

"I first joined the Legal Department at FinTrU through our Financial Services Academy in 2017. In that period FinTrU has experienced an unprecedented rate of growth in what is a truly exciting time to work at the company."


What is your role at FinTrU?

I am a Legal Associate working with a Tier 1 Investment Bank.


WhICH training have you received at fintru?

My pre-employment training provided me with a fundamental understanding of the Financial Markets and some of the more complex concepts associated with it. Once I had garnered the basics, I was well equipped to embark on the more bespoke legal training offered in-house, both from FinTrU's own internal SMEs and client sponsored training. During this time, I also had the opportunity to undertake and complete my CISI Investment Operations Certificate (IOC), further broadening my range of qualifications and knowledge of the Financial Services sector. 

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how HAS YOUR ROLE EVOLVED at fintru? 

Regulatory reform of Financial Markets over the past decade has played a massive role in how Legal Departments within Financial Services firms operate. I was initially involved in large scale remediation projects of a Tier 1 Investment Bank's trading documentation. On completion of that project I transitioned into a Business as Usual (BAU) function for the same Investment Bank's Fixed Income Division where my team currently acts as an extension of the bank’s documentation teams in London and New York. 

what are your highlights from working at fintru?

One of the highlights of working at FinTrU is that it provides employees with an opportunity to work with some of the biggest and most renowned Investment Banks in the world. FinTrU encourages employees to work towards career development goals through various means, including the funding of additional training, qualifications and offering opportunities to travel to client offices in cities such as London and New York.  I have had the opportunity to move between different clients on a separate BAU role and subsequently work on site in New York for an extended period. Many of my colleagues have, or are, currently operating in their roles on site in London also.

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why would you recommend a career at fintru? 

The environment of diversity and meritocracy enables people to interact and exchange ideas at any level. Senior staff are always encouraging junior employees to add value, even beyond their current role. I enjoy finding new ways to solve problems and have been given many opportunities to share my points of view. The fast paced and complex nature of the work provides the opportunity to grow and learn within your role which is invaluable in the modern competitive workplace. 

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