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#MeetFinTrU: Adam Laird shares his story of his professional development during his career with FinTrU


As part of our #MeetFinTrU feature, we are sharing the stories of our employees who have pursued professional qualifications during their career at FinTrU.  Adam Laird recently won an award for the CISI Introduction to Investment (Education) and will be presented with the award in London at a later date.


Meet Adam Laird, Analyst 1 at FinTrU.

I am currently working as part of a BAU KYC Refresh team for a Tier One Investment Bank. The main purpose of this role is to ensure regulatory compliance of customer accounts in line with applicable KYC standards and anti-money laundering regulations. The practical aspect of this role involves in-depth analysis of customer accounts, conducting extensive research using public source due diligence and creating robust files evidencing that all regulatory requirements have been satisfied. 


What are the benefits in pursuing professional qualifications during your career?

Having the opportunity to pursue professional qualifications during a full time career is an excellent way to broaden your knowledge and demonstrate your commitment to further personal development. It also highlights a number of key qualities to your employer such as dedication, time management and resilience in managing your normal workload on top of further qualifications. 


How has FinTrU supported you in your professional qualifications?

FinTrU has always been very supportive and encouraging to employees who want to gain professional qualifications whilst working. Having joined FinTrU through North West Academy III, I was given the opportunity to sit the first IOC exam at the end of the six week training programme. Throughout that time we had dedicated lectures and revision periods included in our schedule to provide everyone with the support and expertise needed to prepare for the exam. Since progressing into my role, I have been able to sit the UK Regulation exam with the support of my line manager and whilst managing a full workload throughout that period. On top of the support and guidance, FinTrU also finances relevant professional qualifications which is an excellent way of encouraging people to up-skill whilst also creating a more qualified and knowledgeable workforce.  

What advice would you give to people who are starting their careers in Financial Services?

The most important piece of advice would be to think about pursuing professional qualifications that are relevant or beneficial to your role. This was important for me when I started out as I came from a Legal background and felt like it might have held me back without having studied Finance or Economics. Of course this is not the case and that is why FinTrU recruit from all disciplines and backgrounds. 


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