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To continue putting local talent on the global stage, FinTrU is committed to investing in their Academy to prepare its employees for life on the global investment banking stage.

The FinTrU Legal Academy is delivered virtually to ensure that the health and safety of all applicants is at the forefront of this fantastic opportunity. The FinTrU Training Academy takes place over five weeks.


The successful candidates will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s largest Investment Banks from right here in Northern Ireland.


The opportunity is open to those with an undergraduate degree, however a degree in Law or Languages would be desirable.

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"The FinTrU Legal Academy is a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to train in the legal aspects of Financial Services, and embark on a career working with some of the largest global investment banks from right here in Northern Ireland, which has obvious appeal to graduates from law and language disciplines."

- Roli Shaw, General Counsel and Head of FinTrU Legal


All recruitment for the FinTrU Legal Academy will be by telephone and video calls. All training for participants will be delivered virtually to comply with social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.


These conditions also apply to any subsequent employment with FinTrU until such time as social distancing restrictions can be lifted.

Supported by the Department for the Economy, the FinTrU Legal Academy is a training programme leading to a potential offer of employment. The FinTrU Legal Academy Training will be delivered in conjunction with Queen's University Belfast, Ulster University and Belfast Metropolitan College


Upon successful completion you will:

  • Join a multi-award-winning Financial Services company that is committed to giving local talent the opportunity to work on the global stage.

  • Be part of our Belfast Legal Team.

  • Work with some of the largest and most prestigious investment banks in the world.

  • Gain training and skills from industry experts in a range of derivatives contracts to kick start your career in law.

The FinTrU Legal Academy provides participants with the opportunity to gain both the knowledge and practical skills needed for an exciting legal career in the Financial Services Industry. You will be paid an allowance of £150 per week while you train.

Previous experience is not required but candidates must be awarded at least a 2:2 in any discipline before the scheduled start date at FinTrU.



Applications close: Monday 26 July 2021

Interviews will be held between 2 - 11 August 2021

Training will take place from 23 August - 24 September 2021

To comply with social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis all recruitment interviews will be hosted via telephone and video calls, training will be delivered through virtual classrooms

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Claire Brennan

FinTrU Talent Partner


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#MeetFinTrU: David Scullion shares his story of his professional development during his career with FinTrU Legal


Adam Lynch - FinTrU Analyst 1: “Taking part in the remotely delivered Legal Academy has allowed me to become accustomed to the various online platforms and etiquettes which I have continued to use whilst working from home with FinTrU. The  Academy has given me the opportunity to set up an optimal working from home station which has been a great help to me throughout my employment so far. FinTrU supplied all computer hardware, including laptops and monitors accompanied by an on-hand IT support system to assist with any hardware or software issues.” 

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Alexandrea Carroll - FinTrU Analyst 1: "The FinTrU Academy was an immersive experience into the world of Financial Services. As somebody completely new to Financial Services, I found that it was delivered effectively, and I now feel comfortable embarking on a career within the industry. FinTrU encourages employees to catch up virtually with one another through various networking initiatives and events which has been fantastic as a new joiner to the company."

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Conor McCann - FinTrU Analyst 1: “Participating in FinTrU’s first remotely delivered Legal Academy exceeded every expectation. We were given top class support from FinTrU’s Talent Partner who answered any queries we had. The soft skills I developed throughout the Legal Academy, including presentation skills and email etiquette, have stood me in good stead since starting my role in FinTrU Compliance. FinTrU’s Compliance function is quite a new function and it is an exciting time to be a part of it. We assess the risks facing FinTrU on a daily basis and look at ways in which we can mitigate that risk.”

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Successful applicants claiming Job Seekers Allowance can contact their local Jobs and Benefits office to have a ‘Better off Calculation’ carried out before proceeding with the programme. 

Applications are welcome from those who meet the criteria irrespective of religious belief, political opinion, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, marital status, gender, whether or not they have dependents and women returning to the workforce.

For further information please email your enquiry to