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Karl has over 20 years' experience helping financial institutions create value through technology and process solutions, with a particular focus on the disruptive changes arising from FinTech and LegalTech. 

Prior to joining FinTrU, Karl was Head of Regulatory Response Projects at Factor's Belfast CoE where he had overall responsibility for the delivery of complex contract remediation projects resulting from regulatory change. As part of the leadership team Karl also helped to develop solutions to scale complex legal processes. 


Before Factor, Karl worked for Deloitte in Ireland where he supported organisations to develop their IT strategy and governance models. Prior to this Karl held leadership roles within a number of financial technology companies helping them to innovate, scale and enhance their delivery functions and associated commercial opportunities. 


At FinTrU, Karl is the Chief Commercial Officer and a member of the Executive Leadership Team. Karl has overall responsibility for client success, ensuring that FinTrU's offerings drive value for our clients and also that the resulting projects and services are successfully delivered. 


Karl has a degree in Engineering from Trinity College Dublin and an MSC in Engineering Computation from Queen's University Belfast. Karl is a Certified Management Consultant and is PMP certified.

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