The True Value of Core Values


Wayne McGuigan

Analyst II

Major corporations have rarely faced a more storm-laden economic climate than that of modern times. Fragile markets and increased regulatory requirements worldwide, coupled with the uncertainty arising from recent developments relating to Brexit, have provided the catalyst for large financial institutions to survey the landscape in search of a cost-effective, yet high quality solution to these additional challenges.


Whilst the reduction of capital expenditure and risk are amongst the top reasons for outsourcing, partnering with a company which holds the right core values is an important factor in any arrangement. The core values of any company are not merely buzzwords, corporate catchphrases nor marketing ploys. They are a statement of identity, a set of principles which act as cultural cornerstones for the entire institution, and serve as a roadmap of where it aims to go. Major firms considering outsourcing as a solution are unquestionably more likely to find satisfaction with a partner whose values align with their own and are unequivocally advantageous, in terms of both financial reward and reputational enhancement.


At FinTrU, how we do business is as important as what we do


 Having the right core values is intrinsic to ensuring the overall success of a firm. They become enshrined in the company's culture, influence the behaviour of employees and indeed shape the perception of the organisation amongst wider society. An organisation which proactively promotes partnership amongst colleagues, with clients and with wider society, has a passion for everything in which it endeavours, encourages the development of the people it works for and with, and aims to do so with a professional approach is one that can add value for clients far beyond increased capital.


At FinTrU, core values underpin all that we do and embody the spirit and ethos of our organisation

Internally, when the core values of a company are used as the basis upon which to recruit personnel and reward existing employees, the true value of course lies in the subsequent manifestation of a positive and productive working environment. Naturally, if those hired are deemed to fit into the company's pre-existing culture, they are more likely to integrate upon arrival, and the larger the collective force there is driving enterprise and growth, the more achievable it will be. Using core values as the framework upon which to base a firm's performance management infrastructure is an effective way of reinforcing the positive elements the company wishes to focus on, as well as ensuring employees and the firm as a whole are striving to enact their values in unison.


At FinTrU, we instil these values in all our people and they are the fundamental basis of our company culture


When the core values of a company come from within in the purest sense, when they have been formulated and articulated by its employees rather than imposed upon them, the true value lies in knowing the workforce is dedicated and abides by those values with complete conviction. Indeed, rather than being mere monikers or decorative slogans to brighten up office walls, the values are embodied by the staff and put into action daily.


Externally, for clients, low-cost, high-quality resources can be astronomically beneficial, and the search for a provider meeting such criteria with positive core values need not be arduous.  In addition to company websites and social media, vendors who attain rapidly growing reputations due to their excellence in service delivery and embodiment of their values can be the source of recommendations within the industry, via endorsements, being central to client publications or even word of mouth.

Published: 2017

FinTrU’s Core values are not just slogans, but reasons why FinTrU employees are dedicated to improving the standards, quality and efficiencies of clients’ processes and outputs, in a manner which fosters personal and professional development and assists in building positive relationships and growth for all.  FinTrU’s values define the organisation, how it does business, its aspirations and ultimately are what make it unique.

Wayne McGuigan


Wayne McGuigan joined FinTrU in 2014. Wayne has worked since then on the Loan Servicing Team for a leading Asset Management firm.

Wayne is a graduate of the University of Ulster and Queen’s University of Belfast where he gained a BSc Hons Politics, Postgraduate Certificate in Education and MA Modern History.


Keen to develop a career in financial services, Wayne subsequently came on board with FinTrU through our original graduate academy intake.  


The FinTrU Financial Services Academy is a bespoke programme comprising intensive training in financial markets, and financial regulation with a focus on data analysis and management. 

As a member of the FinTrU Commercial Real Estate Loan Portfolio Servicing Team, Wayne’s key focus is in Loan Administration and Investor Reporting. Wayne is responsible for identifying and extracting key information from Facility Agreements, rate fixing of loans, interest calculations, notices, loan drawdowns and annual auditing of loans. In addition to this, Wayne also compiles packs to provide investors with an overview of the overall performance of their investments, alongside producing E-IRP reports in line with CMSA standards and guidelines.

Wayne is one of FinTrU’s value champions. In 2016 he co-ordinated a series of employee workshops from which the official FinTrU core values were established.