FinTrU's New Partnership with Include Youth

FinTrU is very proud to announce our new partnership for 2017 with the Belfast branch of local charity group, Include Youth. All funds raised by FinTrU will go directly towards funding the newly christened ‘FinTrU Food Club’. This is a healthy lunch club set up for the young people associated with the Rosemary Street premises in Belfast, where the attendees are not only given healthy meals several times a week, but are taught how they can make these kinds of healthy meals for themselves. This group of young people attending the FinTrU Food Club are from a range of backgrounds, typically in the difficult transition period between leaving care and learning to live independently, and so the FinTrU Food Club directly contributes towards encouraging these young people to become more independent and teaching them ways to do so.


FinTrU will be raising funds for Include Youth through numerous work events varying from dress down days to sporting events (i.e. The Belfast Marathon), and food hamper collections all throughout the year. Similar events have proven popular and effective in the past, and with our ever-growing workforce and continued dedication we are confident that we will raise even higher figures than those in 2016, and that our team will come up with new and fun ways to raise money for Include Youth.


Corporate Social Responsibility has been present in FinTrU since the company’s inception and it continues only to grow stronger, now becoming so ingrained in the way we do things at FinTrU, we think it fair to say we have in fact gone beyond CSR, and achieved Corporate Social Integration. The work that Include Youth carries out is something very close to the hearts of both senior management and the broader staff at FinTrU, making it all the easier to integrate the CSR side of business into the every-day workings of our company. Indeed, as FinTrU continues to grow, it is our wish that the scope of our charitable efforts will grow in parallel with the business itself, allowing us to reach more people in the community.

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