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FinTrU CEO and Founder Darragh McCarthy picks up Global Recognition Award


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FinTrU's CEO honoured with Global Recognition Award at the Digital DNA Awards


FinTrU CEO and Founder Darragh McCarthy was last night honoured at Northern Ireland's biggest technology awards. Now in its 7th year, the Digital DNA Awards are the number one awards for companies and individuals working with within Northern Ireland's highly competitive technology industry.

On receiving this huge accolade, Darragh said: “I am greatly honoured to be accepting this award on behalf of the fantastic team we have at FinTrU. Without the hard work, commitment, energy and leadership from the FinTrU employees across our global offices, I would not be collecting this Global Recognition Award today.


"I am very proud to be accepting this accolade given the high calibre of recipients in recent years. Thank you very much to Digital DNA for hosting such a fantastic event, and for celebrating the very best that the Northern Irish Technology industry has to offer on the global stage.“

The Global Recognition Award is given to an individual who has greatly contributed to the growth of the tech sector in Northern Ireland, and who has achieved significant success on a global scale. Darragh inspired the audience of over 600 peers from the industry during an on-stage interview, where he spoke about his own inspiration and the exciting future of Northern Ireland's tech industry, both at home and on a global scale.

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