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FinTrU employees raise a total of £60,000 for PIPS Charity in 2019


FinTrU partnered with PIPS Charity at the beginning of 2019 to collaborate and give back to the community where possible.


FinTrU employees have dedicated time and effort to work with the charity and contribute through various initiatives and events such as dress down day contributions, Belfast City Marathon team relay, Waterside Half Marathon, bake sales, tournaments and much more. With events and fundraisers organised from both offices in Belfast and North West, FinTrU has raised an inspiring £60,000 for PIPS Charity thanks to the generous support and donations from our very own employees as well as their families and friends.


The funds FinTrU has raised have helped PIPS implement; an office refurbishment, more computers and training facilities, an expansion of opening hours for the public, staff and volunteers and the ability to hire more counsellors.


“We would like to say a huge thank you to all FinTrU employees, volunteers and those who contributed towards this total for PIPS. PIPS provides such a vital service for the community and we are truly humbled by the work they do.” Said Katrien Roppe, FinTrU Chief of Staff.

To read more about our fundraising for PIPS click here.

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