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Belfast Academy XII complete first week at FinTrU


This week FinTrU’s Belfast Academy XII successfully completed their first week of employment. We welcomed the latest intake to our Belfast office after completing six weeks of mixed blended learning at Belfast Met and Ulster University.


Through FinTrU’s Financial Services Academy, successful graduates have the opportunity to gain an industry recognised qualification in the form of an Investment Operations Certificate (IOC). We wish all our new colleagues the very best of luck here at FinTrU.

Ryan McComiskey.jpg

Ryan McComiskey: “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the FinTrU Financial Services Academy. Alongside getting to know my future colleagues, it provided an excellent opportunity to learn from a range of respected industry professionals. The Academy allowed me to grow in confidence and equipped me with the essential knowledge and skills required to thrive in the Financial Services industry.” 

Jenita Silvano Ximenes Freitas

Jenita Soares: “I really enjoyed my experience of the FinTrU Academy. It was a great opportunity to learn about the products that FinTrU offers as I did not have previous Financial Services experience. It was also a great way to meet new people who have now become my colleagues and I'm looking forward to my future at FinTrU.”

Reece Gilmour.jpg

Reece Gilmour: “The Academy experience allowed me to learn with my future colleagues while growing in confidence that I will use in my job role at FinTrU. The Academy provided me with an excellent insight into the Financial Services industry, helping me gain valuable knowledge and skills that I will use in my future career at FinTrU.” 

Leah McStravick, FinTrU Academy Manager commented, “I am delighted to welcome FinTrU’s twelfth Academy to our Belfast office. It is my pleasure to introduce Belfast Academy XII and I wish them the very best in their FinTrU journey.”


The FinTrU Academy is a bespoke pre-employment training programme which is designed to provide graduates with the core skills needed to fulfill exciting new graduate roles in FinTrU. Graduates receive practical, real-world training on Capital Markets, Financial Regulations, Analytics, and Organisational Skills.


To read more about our Academy, please visit the Graduate Academy section of our website and sign up to our Academy newsletter below.

About FinTrU


Founded in December 2013, FinTrU is a multi-award winning financial services company that is committed to giving local talent the opportunity to work on a global stage with the largest international investment banks. FinTrU provides its clients with high quality, cost-effective, near-shore resourcing solutions. FinTrU’s products are Legal, Risk, Compliance, KYC, Operations, and Consultancy. Its clients are all Tier 1 Investment Banks based in London, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Paris. FinTrU currently employs 400 staff at its two Belfast city centre offices and Derry/Londonderry. 

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